Application from Dave!!

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Application from Dave!!

Post  Dave on Thu Jan 15, 2009 5:17 pm

Hi, my name is Dave, and that is also my username on Haddo. I am from Canada, and this is my application for a job as staff Smile

Experience: I have experience being a moderator, admin, and owner of other games and forums, but I have never been staff in a Retro. I have been in quite a few retros however, and have become good friends with the owners and admins.

Wish Job: The job I would like to have most is probably a Moderator, but I could be an admin too, it's just that I've never been an admin in a Retro before, so it could take some getting used to. Either way, I would still love to be chosen for staff.

Age: 14 yrs. old.

Hotel Name: Dave for both real and username.


Why To Make You That Job: I am a nice guy, and a dedicated worker. I work well with others, and by myself and I can speak the two languages of Canada, English and French. I know a few basic words in Spanish as well. I promise to work hard and do the best job that I can here at Haddo, and will help it succeed.

Edit: I can also use Photoshop to create GFX for the forums.

Thank You, Dave.


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